Hollow Block

Hollow Blocks

They are usually used in the construction industry. Lightweight aggregates are used in the mixture of hollow blocks. One quarter of the hollow blocks consist of cavities. In order to reach the maximum load capacity, the ratio of these gaps should not change. These cavities are filled with mortars obtained from light aggregates.
Concrete hollow block with emptiness inside is used as a building material in the construction of walls and partitions of a building. They are lighter, so they do not add to the total weight of the structure too much. Usually, these hollow blocks are produced in a way to interlock each other.
Tetra Precast Solutions Pvt Ltd supplies solid & Hollow blocks to customers with all types of building needs, including industrial, commercial, institutional and residential.
Hollow Blocks are available in different types, grades and sizes for a multitude of applications.
STANDARD DENSE – High density/strength block for internal and external use where extra load bearing capacity is required. May or may not require plaster / paint.  



Varying shades of Brindle, Charcoal, Grey, Mud, Terracotta and Yellow.


  • Boundary walls.
  • Partition walls.
  • Load bearing walls.
  • Facades and elevations.
  • Interior & exterior walls.
  • Landscaping decorative and featured walls.
Name Size Strength
Hollow Blocks 4*x8*x12* 1500 PSI
Hollow Blocks 6*x8*x12* 1500 PSI
Hollow Blocks 8*x8*x12* 1500 PSI
Hollow Blocks 4*x8*x16* 1500 PSI
Hollow Blocks 6*x8*x16* 1500 PSI
Hollow Blocks 8*x8*x16* 1500 PSI

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