6 Meter Transit Mixer

  • Commercial concrete mixer
  • Fast-paced performance
  • Unique and high quality structure
  • Variety of sizes ranging from 6 Cubic Meters up to 14 Cubic Meters
  • An ideal choice for ready-mix concrete operations
  • Available at your convenience anytime/ any date, having your concrete ready 24/7.
6 meter transit mixer Supplier Lahore

Mobile Concrete Pump

  • World’s No. 1 Brand in Concrete Machinery Industry
  • Smart Boom Technology
  • High wear-resisting parts
  • Fault self-diagnosis technology
  • Energy-saving technology
Mobile Concrete Pump Supplier in lahore

14 Meter Transit Mixers

  • World recognized company with 14-meter transit mixers
  • Strong power, Low consumption
  • High energy conservancy and environmental-friendliness
  • Maximum output and timely delivery
14 meter transit mixer supplier Lahore

Stationary Pump

  • World’s Largest Concrete Machinery Manufactures
  • Flexible solutions for long distance
  • Optimized engine power control
  • High performance and less consumption
Stationary Pump supplier lahore


  • World-renowned Cummins engine
  • Low energy, low noise with high performance
  • Maximum work output
  • Green environmental protection power
Loader supplier Lahore


  • State of the art Generator technology
  • Backups of each site in case of breakdown
  • 24/7 work capacity
  • High performance and eco-friendly
Generators supplier Lahore

Cement Silos

  • Storage silos
  • Level Indicators
  • High quality, flexible and versatile
  • Fast-paced performance
  • Advanced technology with pressure safety valve
  • An ideal choice for ready-mix concrete operations
  • Transported through company-owned bulkers
cCement Silos

Compressive strength machine

  • Strength measurement machine
  • Used for testing cubes
  • High level of accuracy
  • Advanced technology with automatic compression unit
concrete Compressive strength machine