Since 2012, "Tetra Mix" is a leading manufacturer of "Ready Concrete RMC" in Lahore Pakistan. The company is certified according to ISO standards. It is recognized by the leading construction companies and developers in Lahore that it offers the highest quality "ready-mixed concrete-RMC" and excellent service practices. Promoters have over 10 years of experience.


In the manufacture and delivery of “ready-mixed-RMC”, we have succeeded in manufacturing and delivering “ready-mixed-RMC” that exceeds 2 million cubic meters.
Various grades of “ready-mixed concrete-RMC”. We have managed and processed high-end machines very efficiently with a team of qualified professionals. Optimal levels of material consumption have resulted in the mass production of consistent quality “ready-mixed concrete RMCs”. Our association and intent are to maintain long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We value the opportunities given to us by maximizing our capabilities. If you need high-quality concrete delivered on time, use Tetra-Mix RMC. We are your local ready-mixed concrete supplier and, backed by world-class customer service, we are ready to help you reach your project goals.


Tetra Engineering emphasis on providing the best quality services starting from raw materials, design, production and transporting to the construction sites in all different locations. Providing the best quality has always remained the main priority to ensure customer specification / requirement and creating our USP. Another factor in our success is recognizing the importance of time in concrete industry, giving attention to time as a key parameter for quality and services. Tetra Engineering has become a brand of quality; all our products comply with the International standards for designing, production and supply of high quality Ready Mix Concrete.

Jehanzeb Choudry

CEO Tetra Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.

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